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LinkedIn profileIf you’re not active on LinkedIn, you should be. It’s where professionals are connecting with one another these days.  More than 255 million members worldwide are on LinkedIn sharing their insights, following thought leaders, and connecting with one another.

It’s not enough to just have a LinkedIn profile these days. Here’s 7 things you should be doing to get involved in this vital community:

  1. Complete your profile — Avoid just posting your resume — write a summary that conveys your personality and interests. Add publications, awards, projects. Reboot every couple of months or so to keep it fresh.
  2. Write an interesting headline (what’s under your name) — Instead of just listing your title (boring), write copy that says who you are and what you do.
  3. Build your network — Ask people to connect with you, connect with those who ask you. Also, it’s okay to connect with people you don’t really know as long as there is some relevant reason why it would make sense to connect to them — and they have a completed LinkedIn profile with a headshot.
  4. Endorse back — When connections endorse you for a skill or expertise, go to their profile and endorse them back. But only pick skills and expertise that you know they have. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  5. Sign up to follow influencers and channels using LinkedIn Today — When you do this, their updates will appear in your share feed.  You can also access them through the LinkedIn Today feature on your home page.
  6. Post updates — Include links that showcase images if possible.  Write compelling headlines and ask thought-provoking questions.  Or share and comment on the status updates of your connections.
  7. Participate in 3-5 groups — Proactively visit them and post comments on discussions or start one yourself. Share your updates with your groups. To find groups to join, check out those your connections are following. If you’ve got a niche interest, consider starting a group.

You may be wondering, “Who has time for all this?”  Like answering email, LinkedIn should become part of your daily routine. Open it when you open your inbox and spend at least 15-30 minutes a day doing some of the things listed above.

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Jain malkin

7 years ago

Great article Sara! I definitely need to do this once I finish my book. Doing the new 4 th edition of my medical and dental space planning book. What a huge amount of work, like climbing Mt. Everest.

Sara Marberry

7 years ago

That IS a monumental task, Jain! Good luck. BTW, there isn’t a group on LinkedIn yet called “Medical and Dental Space Planning”…

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