When is it time to redesign your website?

After developing a marketing plan this credentialing organization, it was clear AAHID couldn't fully engage the healthcare interior design community without designing a new website. It had to be one that put certification front and center, and gave greater visibility to those already certified.

My role was to manage and direct the content development, navigation, and design of the new website by Andiamo Creative. We began by doing a content audit and coming up with a creative brief. 

Our solution was to put the faces of Certified Healthcare Interior Designers on the home page. We also added testimonials and an interactive, searchable directory of certified individuals. Copy was streamlined and tightened. 

Other features include an interactive listing of AAHID's Industry Partners and a blog-type News & Events section.

With this new website, AAHID has been able to achieve its goals of getting more designers certified, promoting those who are already certified, and recognizing the companies that support its mission.

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