Answers to Trivia Questions

What city was home to the first hospital in the United States?
A: 2. Philadelphia, Pa.

Who coined the phrase “evidence-based design?”
A: 3. Roger Ulrich

What hospital built the first Planetree Model Concept in 1985?
A: 1. California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, Ca.

Who gave the keynote address at the First Annual Symposium on Healthcare Interior Design in La Costa, Calif. in 1988?
A: 2. Ralph Nader

What was the act that was passed in 1946 by the U.S. Congress that gave hospitals, nursing homes, and other health facilities grants and loans for construction and modernization?
A: 3. Hill-Burton Act

Who said, “Talking to your phone. That’s the future of medicine.”
A: 1. Eric Topol, M.D.

How many studies linking the built environment to health outcomes were found in the first literature review done by The Center for Health Design in 1996?
A: 2. 80

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