For several years, J+J Flooring convened a Senior Living Design Symposium with a small group of designers and subject experts.

The purpose of the SLDS was to encourage a robust exchange of ideas and experiences – and enjoy the unique community and culture of the city in which the event is held.

Designers were asked to come prepared to give a short, Pecha Kucha style presentation on their recent work or a topic related to senior living design.

The first year J+J produced a trend booklet and issued a news release about the SLDS. But it knew that so much more could be done to share the information that was exchanged during the event.

And that’s where I went to work, helping J+J to develop the program, select participants, find guest speakers, serve as a discussion moderator, and generate content from the events. Content we produced included the video above, blog posts, articles, news announcements, and two trend reports.


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