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When Ross Leonard at J+J Flooring came up with an idea to give back to seniors and improve the quality of their lives, it gave my work with this company more purpose and meaning.

The idea was to donate up to 5,000 sq. ft. of flooring to a day care center, senior housing, or residential care facility for seniors in underserved communities.

As project manager and the marketing leader for J+J Flooring's Impact Project, I crafted the messaging, helped come up with a name, and worked with graphic designer Mandy Lamb to create the brand identity. I also developed the marketing plan, engaged Environments for Aging magazine to be our media partner, recruited expert advisors, and coordinated the selection process.

We were going to launch it at the Environments for Aging conference in April 2020, but the pandemic shut everything down. So instead we launched Impact in July 2020 and reviewed applications from across the country in October 2020 to make a final selection.

Why do a project like this?

Well, it's a different way to encourage customers to use your product. And it's also a great way to demonstrate compassion and caring, which helps build brand equity with customers and prospects.

How are you making an impact?