Flooring and Noise Senior Living Issue Brief

What's the easiest way to create new content? Repurpose existing content!

That's what I suggested we do with two of J+J Flooring's whitepapers on flooring's impact on safety and noise in hospitals. Take the same ideas, some of the same content, and write it to focus on senior living environments instead.

And make it shorter. Create issue briefs instead of whitepapers. Give them some design pizzaz.

I edited and re-wrote the copy, then handed it over to J+J's graphic design consultant, Mandy Lamb, for the design pizzaz part.

The result?  Two issue brief PDFs that can be accessed on the J+J website or shared by sales reps.

But we didn't stop there.  I also extracted copy from the issue briefs and worked with Mandy to design three infographics.

From two whitepapers, we got five pieces of new content.  Not bad, eh?