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I’m Sara Marberry — a healthcare design knowledge expert with extensive marketing, speaking, writing, and social media skills.


A speaker, blogger and tweeter, I’m the author/editor of five books and am a regular contributor to healthcare design industry magazines.

I’m also a strategic marketing and business development consultant. I work with a variety of companies and nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry. Read more about my journey.

Contact me if you’d like to find how I can help you improve your content marketing and social media marketing efforts.  Or if you’re looking for a speaker for your next healthcare design event. Or if you just need some advice on where you want to take your business next.


From Sara's Blog

7 Healthcare Design Trivia Questions to Use as An Icebreaker

There’s nothing like a good ice-breaker to start off a meeting. One of my favorites is to ask people to introduce themselves and say what was the first live concert they ever attended. (Thanks, Phyllis Goetz of Herman Miller Healthcare for that one!) Trivia questions can also be fun — especially in a larger group. Here’s […]

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What’s Influencing Healthcare Facility Design Now, And What’s Next?

From demographics to technology to politics, there are many things happening in our world that are influencing U.S. healthcare facility design. What’s new? What’s old? And what’s next? To tackle this in our trends discussion at last week’s Healthcare Design Expo and Conference, Sarah Bader of Gensler and I looked at recent industry surveys and […]

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