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I’m Sara Marberry — a healthcare design knowledge expert with extensive marketing, speaking, writing, and social media skills.


A speaker, blogger and tweeter, I’m the author/editor of five books and am a regular contributor to healthcare design industry magazines.

I’m also a strategic marketing and business development consultant. I work with a variety of companies and nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry. Read more about my journey.

Contact me if you’d like to find how I can help you improve your content marketing and social media marketing efforts.  Or if you’re looking for a speaker for your next healthcare design event. Or if you just need some advice on where you want to take your business next.


From Sara's Blog

7 Things in the News That Could Affect Healthcare Design

Pokemon Go is a worldwide obsession. Hillary and Donald are squabbling. Another tragedy. Without the Russians and most of the world’s top golfers, the Olympics will go on. Brexit is creating chaos across the pond. But what’s in the news right now that could affect healthcare design? Here’s some of the things that caught my attention in the past week or so. 1. CMS […]

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Hospital Star Ratings Don’t Tell The Whole Story of the Patient Experience

I’m not sure what I think of the current hospital star ratings on the U.S. government’s Hospital Compare website. Because they’re based on HCAHPS scores — 32 multiple choice questions that patients answer after they’ve left the hospital. They may or may not remember exactly what happened during their stay.  They may only remember the bad things. Or the good […]

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