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I’m Sara Marberry — a healthcare design knowledge expert with extensive marketing, speaking, writing, and social media skills.


A speaker, blogger and tweeter, I’m the author/editor of five books and am a regular contributor to healthcare design industry magazines.

I’m also a strategic marketing and business development consultant. I work with a variety of companies and nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry. Read more about my journey.

Contact me if you’d like to find how I can help you improve your content marketing and social media marketing efforts.  Or if you’re looking for a speaker for your next healthcare design event. Or if you just need some advice on where you want to take your business next.


From Sara's Blog

Is the Future of Healthcare Design Apple & Google?

In the future, are hospitals and healthcare systems going to be competing with technology companies for patients? Doug Armstrong, Director of Planning, Design, and Construction for University Health Care System, Augusta, GA, thinks so. I find it hard to disagree with him. Armstrong and I (as well as a few other knowledgeable folks) were on the program for SMPS […]

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What People Are Saying About Evidence-Based Design vs. Evidence-Informed Design

Last month I wrote a post questioning whether evidence-based design and evidence-informed design are all that different. Not surprisingly, many of you have strong opinions about this and posted comments on this blog and my LinkedIn updates. In case you didn’t see those comments, here’s a few: Barbara Lyons Stewart, Lyons Stewart Architects I agree with Kirk [Hamilton] that […]

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