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I’m a knowledge expert and thought catalyst in healthcare design with extensive marketing, speaking, writing, and social media skills.


A speaker, blogger and tweeter, I’m the author/editor of five books and am a regular contributor to HEALTHCARE DESIGN magazine.

I’m also a strategic marketing and business development consultant, working with a variety of companies and nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry. Read more about my journey.

Contact me if you’d like to find how I can help you navigate the brave new world of social media and content marketing.


From Sara's Blog

Designing for Patient Safety Has to Include Physical Environment

A couple of years ago I lamented the fact that CMS’s Partnership for Patients initiative to tackle patient safety really wasn’t focusing on the design of the physical environment. It still isn’t. But, there’s been a lot written recently about designing for patient safety. Health Facilities Management magazine devoted its entire December 2015 issue to it. I was happy to […]

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Who Are The True Architects of Hospital Projects?

How often are front line healthcare professionals and patients the true architects of hospital projects? Maybe more than I’ll ever know, but I think it is one of the key elements in truly successful hospital projects. John Warner, MD, CEO of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s University Hospitals, believes it, and wrote about it in a recent […]

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