Sara Marberry, EDAC

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I’m a knowledge expert and thought catalyst in healthcare design with extensive marketing, speaking, writing, and social media skills.


A frequent speaker, blogger and tweeter, I’m the author/editor of five books and am a regular contributor to HEALTHCARE DESIGN magazine.

I’m also a strategic marketing and business development consultant.  Contact me if you’d like to find how I can help you navigate the brave new world of social media and content marketing.

As the former Executive Vice President of the nonprofit Center for Health Design, I oversaw the Evidence‑based Design Assessment and Certification (EDAC) credentialing program, supervised strategic marketing for all programs, and participated in new project development.

Prior to working for The Center, I was president of Sara Marberry Communications, providing marketing and communications services to a diverse group of clients in the healthcare design industry.

From Sara's Blog

How to Get Started Blogging About Healthcare Design

Why aren’t there more people blogging about healthcare design?  Besides the editors and contributors at Healthcare Design, a few architecture and design firms, and handful of product manufacturers, there just aren’t that many. Maybe it’s because they don’t know where to start. At least that’s what one of my readers told me. I’m a keen follower of […]

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Healthcare Design News: 7 Things You Might Have Missed

Did you see the headlines today?  The flu shot is basically useless this year, ocean life is facing mass extinction, and there’s a new strain of marijuana that won’t give you the munchies. But what made the news lately that’s noteworthy for healthcare design? Lots. In case you missed it, here’s a digest of my recent […]

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