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It's only 21 days until the Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando, FL, and I'm starting to hear some buzz.  If you're like me, you're trying to decide which sessions to attend and who you want to connect with while you're there.

So let me help you out.  In addition to all three keynotes, here are my educational session "picks" at Healthcare Design this year.

Sunday, November 17

8-9 a.m.:  E01 "Healing Environments for Heroes -- Environments that Enhance Healthcare for Wounded Veterans." Important topic for our times.

9:20-10:20 a.m.: E19 "The Hospital ICONs -- Vision-Driven Healthcare Facilities." Can't wait to hear what  speakers Don McKahan and Kirk Hamilton found this year. Second option: E11 "Does Privacy Trump Visibility? Examining an Iconic Hospital's Radial Nursing Unit." Did it produce better outcomes?

10:40-11:40 a.m.: E25 "Union Village—The First Truly Integrated Health Village." You and I may be living in one of these some day. Second option: E26 "LEED certified Hospitals—Perspectives on Capital Cost Premiums and Operational Benefits." Always interesting to hear Robin Guenther talk about sustainability.

1:40-2:40 p.m.: E34 "Understand and Visualize the Impact of Healthcare Facility Design on Patient Satisfaction." Another hot topic. Second option: E36 "High Performance Energy Reduction in Healthcare—The Gundersen Lutheran Story." Always wanted to hear this organization's story.

Monday, November 18

9:30-10:30 a.m.: E49 "Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley Medical Center—Guidelines for Campus Branding and Experience Design." Now this is something you don't often hear about at HCD. Second option: E47 "Behavioral Healthcare Design—Ten Things You 'Know' That 'Just Ain’t So.'" Critical area to be addressing (also, the title grabbed me).

1:45-2:45 p.m.: E55 "Evaluating Innovative Lighting Solutions for Inpatient Rooms." Curious to see the latest on this. Second option: E51 "The Effects of Positive Distractions in Pediatric Environments—A Comparison of Two Studies." Latest on this should be interesting, too.

3:05-4:05 p.m.: E70 "It’s All About the Children From Three Very Different Building Project Perspectives." If you've never heard the story of how these hospitals engaged their communities, don't miss this. Second option: E69 "Radically Altering the Operating Room & Navigating Change." Culture transformation is always intriguing.

4:25-5:25 p.m.: E75 " Tools to Enable Flooring Selection and Design Decision-Making." A timely topic for addressing falls prevention. Second option (roundtable discussion): R22, "Lean & Evidence-Based Design--The Promise of a Better Future." The roles and relationships of these two processes needs to be explored and explained more.

Tuesday, November 19

8-9 a.m.: E82 "Effects of Proportion on Personalized Patient Rooms." Outcomes research we need more of. Second option: E88 "Wellness and Prevention Through Healthcare Anchored Mixed Use." Another hot topic - could be the future of healthcare.

9:20-10:20 a.m.: E100 "Post Acute Continuum of Care Applied Research and Rehabilitation Hospital Research Design." Managing chronic care conditions is the future of healthcare.

1:15-2:15 p.m.: E107 "Design for Resilience—An Exciting New Approach to Patient Safety?" Resilience engineering is a new term to me. Second option: E101 "Beyond the Waiting Room—The Impact of Art and Furniture on the Imaging Experience." Waiting areas are so important to the healthcare experience.

Other events you won't want to miss are the Casino Royale networking event on Monday night.  Those who want to (and who wouldn't?) can dress in their best black tie duds and enjoy a fun evening at the "tables."

Also, the Patient Experience Simulation Lab, created by Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc. This year, it's a full-scale model of an NICU space and also a virtual NICU experience using Architecture Interactive. Sign up for 90-minute sessions throughout the conference. $99 extra fee required.

And did I mention facility tours on Saturday afternoon?  Nemours Children's Hospital and Florida Hospital Celebration Health are my top picks. Or you could go golfing instead and network on the links.

If you're one of those last minute people who hasn't yet registered for Healthcare Design, there's still time.  But the conference hotel has been sold out.  You'll have to say at the nearby Marriott.

Hope to see you in Orlando!

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william worn

11 years ago

Thanks Sara! Just trying to figure out my schedule for HCD so very timely. I hope to see you there.

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

Glad I could help. Let me know if you find any interesting sessions that you think I missed.

Margaret Fleming

11 years ago

If only the highlights could be made available to the patients who will be affected, and to the patients who already have much experience that may shed a light on what is said there.

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