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In case you didn't know, Elon Musk bought Twitter. Harry visited his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Kamala Harris got Covid.

But that's not all that happened recently. In no particular order, here are four newsworthy things related to healthcare and senior living design you may have missed:

1. CADRE Releases Clinic 20xx Refresh Report

Back in 2015, CADRE, JE Dunn, and HKS conducted research to determine what a change-read clinic would look like and how it would be operated. As part of the research, they polled the two largest generations (millennials and boomers) as well as internal and family medicine physicians.

Clinic 20xx Refresh is an updated report from CADRE and HKS on the drivers and trends identified in the original research. It also has revised data from new surveys of the same groups they polled before, plus Gen Xers.

Clinic 20xx Refresh is a terrific report -- well-organized and presented in a concise, compelling graphic format. The sweet spot for healthcare and design professionals are the key takeaways and the design implications presented on pages 34-40. If you're planning, designing, or operating a primary care clinic, you need to read this report.

Get the report>>> 

2. HHS Presses Hospitals to Take Pledge to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Announced on Earth Day last week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in partnership with the White House, called upon U.S. hospitals, health systems, suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, and other industry stakeholders to submit pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase their climate resilience.

Federal health systems are already taking actions to reduce emissions. As are many other hospitals and health systems across the country who are participating in Health Care Without Harm's Health Care Climate Challenge.

But this new initiative from the U.S. Government challenges private health systems to match or exceed these goals and build climate considerations into the future of healthcare. Their action is voluntary and there don't seem to be any incentives from the government tied to their participation.

I hope private health systems in this country do it because it's the right thing to do.

Find out more>>>

3. Delos Launches WISE Initiative to Advance Health and Well-being in Senior Living

The Wellness Innovation in Senior Environments (WISE) initiative is a collaboration between a company that produces solutions for healthier indoor spaces (Delos), an investment management firm (Harrison Street), and a healthcare real estate investment trust (Sabra).

Focusing on scientific research, education, and solutions for healthier, safer senior living communities, WISE's goal is to identify and encourage innovative approaches that enhance senior health and well-being. Its current research agenda includes in-field studies to be conducted at senior living communities on the benefits of circadian lighting and improved indoor air quality.

Is there a catch here? Depends on how you look at it. These companies believe that providing a trusted source of science-backed information will support operational and investment decisions that will benefit the health and well-being of residents and staff -- as well as their own bottom line.

Everybody wins, right? If their research is widely shared, that will be true.

More about the initiative>>>

4. HCD Magazine Publishes A/E/C Survey Results

The results of Healthcare Design magazine's 2022 survey of architecture, engineering, and construction firms indicated that even as the pandemic continued its course into 2021, a robust rebound was underway. Compared to 2021, there was growth in projects completed, requests for proposals, and contracts signed.

Conducted online in January and February, the survey was open to any U.S. A/E/C firm that completed at least one healthcare project in 2021. A thorough summary of the findings is presented in the April issue of the magazine.

Not surprising, since the last survey was conducted in 2019, improving patient experience/satisfaction was replaced by achieving future flexibility/adaptability as the top client goal. Many firms also reported that the surge in projects is not without its challenges, as they grapple with limited staff resources while clients demand accelerated timelines.

But despite that, who can complain? I love this statement in the article by Joshua A. Theodore, Vice President, Global Health at Leo A Daly: “The influx of new projects has been very exciting for our teams,” he said. “The next generation of health facilities is going to be the best customer-and client-focused, data-driven, research-informed buildings we have ever produced.”

Access the survey results>>>

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