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If you liked this post, please share:

You've probably been getting the emails to register for the Healthcare Design Conference, November 16-19 in Orlando.  And you may be trying to decide whether to spend the time and money to go. Or convince your company or boss to let you go.

As a 10-year veteran of the conference (I've been to every one), I can tell you there are lots of good reasons to go.  (Full-disclosure: I'm a contributing editor to Healthcare Design, which is published by Vendome Group, LLC, the conference organizers, but I have nothing to do with the production or promotion of the conference.)

Here's 4 reasons to attend:

1. Networking.  With more than 4,000 attendees, the Healthcare Design Conference is the place to connect with others in the industry. This can also be daunting, so if there are people you want to see, set up meetings or meals with them ahead of time. Many of the industry associations host special events, so it's a good place to catch up with members of groups that you belong to.

2. Education.  This year the Healthcare Design Conference has 20 program tracks, many of which are eligible for continuing education credits approved by AIA, EDAC, IDEC, IFMA, and others. Plus, facility tours, too. The focus is acute and ambulatory care, so if your specialty is residential care, you're better off going to Environments for Aging.

3. Products. The exhibit hall at the Healthcare Design Conference is packed with companies that sell the latest and greatest furniture, flooring, fabrics, fixtures, signage, artwork, and other products and services that support the design of the hospital or clinic environment. Many are not just there to sell you something, either.  Exhibit hours are structured so that product manufacturers can attend educational sessions, too.

4. Intangibles. Going to a conference and having face-to-face interaction with like-minded people always gives you renewed energy. It may even point you in directions that you hadn't considered before.  It's a great way to re-charge your professional batteries.

As I write this, there are 84 days, 13 hours, 43 minutes, and 55 seconds until Healthcare Design Conference begins.  I can't wait.  See you there.

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malcolm alston

11 years ago


Is there fee for the exhibits?

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

Hi Malcolm -- There are exhibit hall only passes available for $150. Go to the conference website for more information on fees.

Bill Coble

11 years ago

I think this year more than others promises to be one where everyone can benefit through being there, there is a lot to contribute and be a part of.
Great to see the reasons shared -
Be Well,
Bill C

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

Bill, I agree. The conference just keeps getting better and better!

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