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The news from Sochi this week:  the Russians are back on top in pairs figure skating; U.S. wins its first individual luge medal; Americans Shani Davis and Shaun White fail to medal in their signature events; and spectators can't find a beer to drink. Oh, and the stray dogs that were roaming the streets have mysteriously disappeared.

Every four years we get to celebrate our winter athletes and watch obscure sporting events like curling and skeleton. But what does this have to do with healthcare design?

Nothing, really.  But it did get me thinking about the gold medal "performances" that have happened recently in healthcare design.  Here are 6 that I think are worthy of standing on the top spot on the podium, in no particular order:

1. Kirk Hamilton's Latest Book, "Rigor and Research in Healthcare Design: A Decade of Advocacy"

A must-have resource for anyone who is serious about evidence-based design.  Read my review and get your free copy while supplies last. (Silver goes to Clare Cooper Marcus and Naomi Sachs' Therapeutic Landscapes book.)

2. Michael Murphy's Keynote Address at the November Healthcare Design Conference

MASS Design's co-founder told a compelling story of how he got started designing healthcare facilities in third world countries. More on his talk. (Silver goes to Michael Graves' acceptance speech for his Legacy Award from Contract magazine.)

3. The Center for Health Design's Knowledge Repository

2,500 searchable evidence-based design research papers, articles, and references. All in one place. Medals should also go to the organizations that helped fund this great resource:  The American Institute of Architects Academy of Architecture for Health, (AIA/AAH), the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

4. Interface's New Website

An interactive site that engages users by allowing them to select and upload images of things that inspire them and then select appropriate products and create their own boards. Bonus: if you go to the site now, you can register to win a trip to Milan. Ciao, baby. (Silver goes to Henry Domke Fine Art.)

5. FGI's 2014 Healthcare Facility Guidelines

Split into two volumes this time around -- one for hospitals and outpatient care facilities; one for residential health, care, and support facilities.  Actually, the dedicated volunteers who develop these guidelines are the ones who should get a gold medal. You know who you are, but go to FGI's website to see a list of those on the 2014 Health Guidelines Revision Committee.

6. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston

Perkins+Will's fine project one of the first to use sustainable design principles and other ideas to ensure resiliency. (Silver goes to Bridgepoint Hospital, Toronto; the Bronze to the Naval Hospital at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.) Of course, I haven't personally toured any of these projects and I'm sure hundreds more wonderful new facilities opened their doors in 2013, but of the ones I know, these are my top three.

What are your gold medal picks from the past year? Add them to the list by commenting below.

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Bill Coble

10 years ago

Great work Sara, your blog is a real source of knowledge.

Sara Marberry

10 years ago

Thanks, Bill! I appreciate your kind words. And here's a marketing idea for you: Nurture should publish an ebook of its excellent blog posts from the past year.

Derek Parker

10 years ago

Kirk's book is outstanding. A wonderful and readable resource. The content is comprehensive, insightful and compelling. But that's not all. It is elegantly presented, with great graphics and a design delight to the eye.
Certainly worth the GOLD.

Sara Marberry

10 years ago

Well said, Derek!

Margaret Fleming

10 years ago

I would like to see some awards for projects that report what specific patient involvement was invited and utilized.
Anywhere there is a hospital, there is a patient.
Margaret Fleming

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