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Sometimes we're forced to leave jobs.  Sometimes we make a choice.  Either way, how do you know it is time to quit your job and move on?

In the healthcare design industry, this may seem scary.  We've all heard the stories about the declining number of jobs in the architecture and design field. Healthcare facility construction is up; it's down; up again.

Never fear.  If you are smart and know what you are doing, you'll be okay if you decide to quit your job.  The key is to follow your passion.

I recently heard an interview with Jane Pauley, who's just written a new book titled, "Your Life Calling:  Reimagining the Rest of Your Life."

The book is a compilation of stories about people who shifted during their careers to do something that they really loved or were passionate about -- in some cases, a radical shift -- in others, a subtle shift.   Pauley's own story about her rise to the co-anchor spot on the "Today Show" and her revelations about her unhappiness and personal journey to do what she really likes doing is also fascinating.

So, what are you waiting for?  If you're not happy in your job, make the change.  Here are 6 signs it's time:

  1. You don't feel respected or listened to
  2. You like and respect your boss, but don't feel you are learning anything from him or her
  3. You are overwhelmed and don't feel you have time to think
  4. You are bored - not learning anything new or being challenged
  5. The work you're doing is not really what you want to do
  6. You regularly rant about your job to your significant other/spouse

I'm sure many of you can add to this list, but I recommend reading Pauley's book for some inspiration.

Also, it's important to figure out the best way to leave without burning any bridges with your current employer. Best is to be honest about why you're leaving and keep the door open for collaboration.

Finally, remember, if you do what you love doing, success will come.

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Rich Meliska

10 years ago

Great post, Sara,
I left my position as a VP at a major NY bank 8 years ago (well ... they sorta left me) and couldn't be happier.

My wife and I now run a company that assists attorneys, executors, downsizers and others going through a life transition to value, sort and sell their personal property.

Granted, the first couple of years were rocky and we were about to throw the furniture overboard to lighten the load. Once the word of mouth and referrals started kicking in the flood gates opened!

Rather than going into the office each day with the commuter drones, we are interactive with people that are truly in a bind and need our assistance. It is so gratifying to be able to help people that are truly in need. I don't know how many more "spreadsheet revisions" I could have taken in the corporate job!

I am now in control of my own destiny, feel as though I'm contributing to the betterment of the world (or at least the people we touch each day) and can continue without the fear of a downsizing, merger or staff reduction affecting my life.

Sara Marberry

10 years ago

What a great story, Rich. Thanks for sharing.

Daniel Day

10 years ago

Nailed it again, Sara. The list could go on and on! Thanks for the good food-for-thought.

Sara Marberry

10 years ago

Thanks, Daniel. Amazing how liberating it is to quit!

Len Berry

10 years ago

Superb message Sara. Many thanks for your blog.

Sara Marberry

10 years ago

Thanks, Len. And thanks for reading.

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