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I shared this video from the Cleveland Clinic last week on my LinkedIn status update, but it's so good, I'm sharing it again. The reason it's so good is that it simply and poignantly tells makes the point that every patient, every staff member, and every visitor to a hospital has their own story to tell.

Watching this video, I'm once again reminded that the design of the physical environment has a powerful role to play in healthcare -- especially in conveying empathy.

By creating a healing environment for patients, families, and staff, healthcare organizations are saying, "We understand being in a hospital -- or working in one -- can be difficult, so we've created a place will not add to your stress."

As the title of the video states, empathy truly is the human connection to patient care. Thank you, Cleveland Clinic, for creating this and sharing it with us.

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Angela Tilghman

11 years ago

This message is so powerful and necessary to the A&D community. To often as creative people we forget the one constant for all the work that we do especially in healthcare. That constant is people.

Our touch may not be that of a hand on your shoulder but our designs can bolster and support a person who is going through life whether that event be traumatic or joyous.

We need to remember our own journeys and apply them to everything that we produce.

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

Angela, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Design is so important in every aspect of our lives, but no more compelling than in healthcare.

Kirk Hamilton

11 years ago

Thanks, Sara. I am sharing this with my students. There are many powerful and overlapping stories being played simultaneously every day on the stages we build in the name of hospitals.

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

So true, Kirk! I'm also reminded of some of your thoughts from several years ago about the unusually high stakes of healthcare design and that designers have a unique responsibility to honor a sacred trust to protect public safety and health.

Linda Porter Bishop

11 years ago

Sara---hard to see through my tears to type my response...the most powerful piece I've seen explaining why we are in this business. Will be sharing it with everyone. Thanks so much!

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

I know, Linda -- it gets me every time, too! And I agree, everyone who works in the healthcare design industry should see this.


11 years ago

totally touched by this short video.
try to understand, try to feel what others feel will make a big difference.

Derek Parker

11 years ago

I have shared this with my fellow hospital Board Directors as a reminder of why we do what we do as unpaid volunteers.
It is so easy to lose sight of our real purpose among the financial and political chaff of daily governance. Thanks to you and the Cleveland Clinic.

Jocelyn Stroupe

11 years ago

This is one of the most powerful pieces I've seen about those who experience the healthcare environment. Really brings home the human aspect of what we do as designers.
Thanks for sharing.

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

You're welcome, Jocelyn!

Spin Green

11 years ago

Besides avoiding making attribution errors, I am reminded to be careful on how I treat my fellow man/woman, because many have entertain angels and unaware that they are. Thanks Cleveland clinic for keeping me in remembrance.


11 years ago

This is a reminder that everybody is human and should be treated with psychological reciprocity.

Jennifer Clifford

11 years ago

This is exactly how I feel and what I wish everyone who enters a hospital could understand. We are all people who have feelings and we all have a story to tell. I have been a nurse for many years, but I have also been a patient. I have spent almost as much time in the last 10 years in the hospital as a patient (cancer, auto-immune disease, heart issues, complications of chemo, immunodeficiency, etc) as I have spent as a nurse. It doesn't take much for a patient to feel cared for, but few take that time. Thank you for sharing!

Shelby Mucha

11 years ago

This video made me remember why I'm in this business. It should be mandatory for all VA employees and every community hospital. I am going to have every one of my employees watch this. It really touched my heart.


11 years ago

Powerful video!!!


11 years ago

This is such a heartfelt message. Due to the fact that the majority of people I know can't see this video, I opted to share it on another media website. Sometimes we are so consumed with our own lives that we don't take a step back and say "someone else could be needing a shoulder to lean on, or a word of encouragement."

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