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In case you missed it, the Girl Scouts warned girls not to hug their relatives on Thanksgiving -- if they don't want to. President Trump didn't mess up the turkey pardon. And teen idol David Cassidy has gone to the great Partridge Family bus in the sky.

But what things are happening in the world of healthcare design and construction in the last few weeks that you also may have missed? Here's a run-down of some interesting stuff I shared on LinkedIn and Twitter recently:

Healing Power of Nature

Interview with Landscape Architect extraordinaire Clare Cooper Marcus on the healing power of nature. She describes what is and what is not a healing garden, comments on "forest bathing" as a treatment, and tells the story of how she used nature to recover and heal from cancer. More>>

Healthy Building Materials

Revamped material Transparency website and Precautionary List from Perkins+Will, the firm that helped ignite an industry movement toward healthier building materials when these tools were first launched in 2008. A game-changer for those looking to use healthier building materials in any project. Check It Out>>>

Age-Friendly Smart Housing

Longevity expert Dr. Bill Thomas' latest project is a simple post-and-beam smart home that helps older people downsize and younger people upsize. They custom design homes to spec, "print" all components, and assemble fully furnished homes in days. Wonder if we'll see Minka Neighborhoods pop up all over the country? More>>

Residental Care Facilities

The Facility Guidelines Institute's new short video series (24 of them!) showcases the experiences and perspectives of individuals working and living in person-centered residential care settings. In the first video, the CEO of senior living community compares the traditional nursing home to an outhouse. Still functional, but you don't want to go there if you don't have to. Watch>>

Biophilic Design

International Living Future Institute gives hospital in Singapore its first Kellert Biophilic Award. Named for Stephen Kellert, the late Yale University social ecologist and father of biophilic design, the award recognizes building design that reconnects people to nature and relies on natural materials and themes to make buildings healthier for people. Love it that a hospital won the first award.  More>>

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sarah bader

7 years ago

Great Summary - our connection to each other and nature never gets old

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