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If you liked this post, please share:

Maybe you've been on vacation the past few weeks.  Many of us have.

Or like me, you've been knocking off work to play golf with your 85-year old father.

So while you were away, what did you miss in the news that affects healthcare design? Here's six things I've shared on social media recently:

1. "Medicine is My Passion. I Love My Job, but I am Human"

Wow. This is a powerful story from a physician about how access to care is contributing to burnout. Discover why>>

2. "Industry Groups Call to Revamp HCAHPS, Patient Satisfaction Surveys"

Only two questions on the HCAHPS survey address patients' experience with the physical environment. They are about noise and cleanliness. What would you add? Find out why the time has come for new surveys>>

3. "New Report Looks at What Could Happen if Senior Living Got a Clean Slate"

What possible future scenarios are there for senior living? Read my post about Clean Slate Report from Perkins Eastman co-sponsored by J+J Flooring Group to find out! Go to post>>

4. "'Time Travel' as Dementia Care is Spreading, But the Future May be More Powerful Than the Past"

I've always thought that dementia villages are a bit gimmicky. And I totally agree with this statement in this article: "Instead of spending millions on designing facilities to take people in care homes back in time, money would be better spent paying for more carer training, higher carer wages and new ways to tap into the experience of those living with dementia." Learn why time travel doesn't really work>>

5. "2019-20 Best Hospitals Honor Roll and Medical Specialties Rankings"

Mayo Clinic Rochester tops the honor roll list again! But is it number one in facility design? Which would you vote number one in facility design? Find out who else is on the list>>

6. "The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair"
Music in a chair -- didn't Nemschoff do that years ago? But like Anne Taylor, BSN, RN, CEO, Scandic Health, I'm glad to see this product coming to the U.S. Check out this video to see how the chair soothes people>>

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