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Lurie Children's Hospital.

In case you missed the news this week, THE NAVY HAS DECIDED TO STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS, the Supreme Court says that human genes can't be patented, and Rupert Murdock is getting a divorce -- again.

Oh, and here are 9 interesting news items I shared this week on LinkedIn and Twitter that are relevant to hospital design and design for aging:

1. Best Healthcare Products at NeoCon

CF Stinson, Humanscale, Nurture, and Tandus win Best of NeoCon gold awards.

2. Noise in Hospitals

Wall St. Journal's Informed Patient columnist Laura Landro looks at how hospitals are getting creative in lowering noise, masking sounds, and distracting patients from the din.

3. Change

Powerful video about safety in hospitals that illustrates how changing one thing changes everything.

3. Niels Diffrient

Anyone who is sitting in a comfortable task chair at our desk or workstation can thank this man, who died this week at age 85.

4. Resilient Design

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for changes in hospital design building standards to prepare for extreme weather.

5. Aging 1

The number of people living with Alzheimer's disease is going to triple by 2050. Where are they all going to live?

6. Happy Birthday

The fabulous Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago opened a year ago. No surprise -- patients and families like it.

7. Free Resources

The Center for Health Design's Knowledge Repository has a new look. Check out the cool interactive charts on the Evidence-based Design Glossary.

8. Aging 2

Access to transportation, healthcare, the arts/entertainment are some of the reasons millions of seniors are moving back to cities. And many are making changes to lure retirees to their metropolis.

9. Product Design

Michael Graves wheelchair for Stryker and home goods line for J.C. Penney rolled out this week.

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Bill C.

11 years ago

Your blog is a resource for me -- your take on the state of our industry and health care is a catalyst for "what if" conversations. Keep up the great work - it's appreciated.

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

Thanks, Bill. I really appreciate you reading my blog.

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