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If you liked this post, please share:

Last week I wrote a post on the potential stalling of Obamacare and its implications on healthcare facility design. I was surprised to get a comment from someone asking me to keep my political views to myself unless I present both sides of the story.

Let me be clear -- this blog is about my opinions on what's happening in healthcare and how it might affect healthcare facility design and construction.  Oh, and yes, occasionally, I throw in a few social media and marketing tips.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, and I invite your comments and opinions.  If you think I'm off base, I want to know why. As long as you keep it professional, I'll approve any and all comments and post them on this blog.

No matter what your political persuasion, you probably agree that a government shutdown is not good for our country. How do you think defunding or delaying Obamacare will affect healthcare facility design and construction?

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11 years ago

The government shuts down and all the markets in the U.S. as well as abroad are affected. As President, Obama is in a much better position to do something about it. Instead he is not talking to concerned individuals who want to improve the system of government. He should negotiate.

Sara Marberry

11 years ago

Thanks for your comment, Joe!

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