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Earlier this week, I found myself sitting across the table at lunch from a CEO of a hospital in Central Texas.  So I asked him, "What is the greatest challenge facing your hospital right now?"

Quite simply, he told me that it's practicing volume-based medicine while trying to transition to value-based medicine. In other words, transitioning from now healthcare to next healthcare.

It occurs to me that no matter what your role is in the healthcare marketplace, this is your challenge. Drilling down even more, how do you keep your products/services relevant in an industry that's constantly changing?

Every company and organization I'm working with in the healthcare and design industry right now is asking themselves that question.

In today's world, being relevant is about positioning yourself or your company as a thought leader -- a resource for compelling, quirky, useful information that will help your clients or customers get to the next healthcare. It's about content marketing.

Whenever I get emails from companies or organizations that are only trying to get me to purchase something, I know they don't get it. So, if you want to stay relevant in the healthcare marketplace, here's a few things you should do:

  1. Tap into the best minds you can find to explore the future of healthcare. How it will affect your products/services?
  2. Look at your products and/or services. How will they need to change or adapt to remain relevant?
  3. Revisit your business plan.  Do you need a new one?
  4. Re-examine your mission and vision. Is it relevant now? Will it be relevant in 5-10 years?
  5. Look at your brand. Does it reflect the significance of your products/services in the next healthcare?

Staying relevant requires that you do these things on a regular basis -- at least every 3-5 years.  Don't wait too long if you haven't already begun the process.

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